Free Government Grants

Free Government GrantsGrants from the federal government do not have to be paid back and that is why some companies advertise them as free government grants. In most cases these companies are just using the phrase “free government grants” to reel people in. In some cases, the companies are advertising the grants are scams.  Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When advertisers promote free government grants they are trying to make a fast sale and are playing games with the general public.  The definition of a grant from the federal government already implies that it is free:  According to the dictionary a grant is the thing granted; a track of land, a sum of money, a right, a privilege. Government grants are usually awarded in exchange for the delivery of a service, product, research, or program. In most cases these “so-called” free government grants, come with many strings attached, including ones that require matching grants.

U.S.G.G. receives calls daily from individuals who have been “reeled in” by companies advertising free government grants.  Many of them, wanting free government grants, are individuals wanting to start a business, single moms wanting to go to college, families wanting to buy a farm, or couples wanting to build a house.  They tell us they once saw an advertisement for free government grants to do these things.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies and consultants out there advertising “free government grants” just to make a fast buck for their own pockets. Free government grants directly to individuals for these things are unlikely to exist.

The truth is, you don’t need to buy a bunch of books or pay a high priced, fast talking salesman to learn about “free government grants”. Information about government grants is free on the Internet. One of the best sources to learn about government grants is The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the managing partner for the Program, one of 24 Federal cross-agency E-Government initiatives focused on improving access to government services via the Internet.  There are 26 federal grant-making agencies listed on this website with hyperlinks that all give government grants:

If you happen to find any free government grants where you have to do nothing to get them, let us know.

The following links give you some additional information about many of the standard grants available:

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