Employment Grants

Employment grants usually promote job creation, job retention or job expansion. There are a number of types of grants relating to employment:

Which Organizations Give Employment Grants?

The federal government, state, county and city governments, as well as private and corporate foundations all award employment grants, but nearly all employment grants go to nonprofit organizations, not individuals. Some of the largest foundations that give employment grants are listed below. These organizations are listed with their total award amounts as reported in the Foundation Directory Online.

  • Microsoft Corporation Contributions Program, Redmond, WA =  $949,000,000
  • Ford Foundation, New York, NY = $478,286,000
  • Good360, Alexandria, VA = 311,050,611
  • Alta California Regional Center, Inc., Sacramento, CA = $253,453,171
  • Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Charlotte, NC = $198,213,418

Other big givers for employment grants include the Wal-Mart Foundation, JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Mott Foundation, Wells Fargo Foundation and Citi Foundation. The largest percentage of employment grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, healthcare agencies, colleges, local government agencies, tribal institutions and schools.

Another source of grants is the federal government. The US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) funds training programs that teach job skills and provide job placement services for adults. Other types of DOL grants include grants for apprenticeship, dislocated workers, Native Americans, Job Corps, migrant and seasonal farmer workers, people with disabilities, safety and health, seniors, veterans and youth programs. The variety of grants should inspire hope in anyone who wants to improve people’s employment prospects.

How USGG Can Help Win Employment Grants

Employment grants often have educational components – such as completing a K-12 education or taking adult education courses. US Government Grants specializes in the arena of employment and education grants. Founder Beverly Santicola has a strong track record of success in leading workshops on writing employment grants and has won grants for education, technology, healthcare, science, literacy programs, economic development and labor-management cooperation. This broad experience with different grants means USGG can help any organization apply for almost any grant.

Santicola’s writing expertise has led to an average of $1 million dollars in grant awards each year. She has authored education/employment grants that have:

  • Increased learning outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Increased interest and learning outcomes in science and citizenship
  • Promoted labor-management cooperation in the workplace
  • Encouraged economic growth and employment
  • Advanced professional development
  • Established community technology centers
  • Samples of these award winning grant proposals are provided in all USGG workshops

Her experience and guidance has helped many different organizations get valuable employment grants and achieve their dreams. Her unique experiences are a rare asset for anyone who wants to learn about and apply for employment grants. Beverly conducts two day workshops across the country and is seeking community partners to host workshops in large metropolitan areas and rural regions. If you would like a workshop in your community to learn more about employment grants and other grants, contact Beverly today at 866-843-3493. There is no cost to host a workshop but a minimum of 20 participants is required at a fee of $299 each.

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